About us


In Albiñana we are driven by passion, ideas, commitment and results. When you think that everything is possible, companies like Albiñana are bornone of the great production companies in the Spanish market capable of integrating creativity, content and production and that for three generations has always remained in the eye of the hurricane. Albiñana was born with an attitude “If you can dream it, you can do it”. We are constantly creating, innovating and betting on talent. This is how little by little, the production company has been growing and achieving the objectives set from the beginning In this state of dynamism, constant movement and action the result is that today, the production company is part of the roster of the best national and international advertisers. We accompany you from the beginning of the project to the end of it, going through all phases of development. During all these years, we have been awarded in many international advertising festivals, from the Cannes Festival, going through the San Sebastian Festival, FIAP, Eurobest and reaching the New York one on countless occasions.


Creativity · Starting point

We have renowned creatives and scriptwriters who are involved in our projects from the first moment, from strategy to final creativity, which allows us to share information among departments and more original, effective and efficient results. 

Production · Where everything is possible

Producing ideas is easier and better when you have your own infrastructure and resources: The best technical team and the talent of the most awarded filmmakers. Albiñana has different sets, cameras, technical and electrical and optical equipment, cranes and lights capable of tackling any project, plus in-house casting  department and several production teams that coordinate, resolve and take care of the whole process of production. Resources that we also offer as a “service” for national and international productions. We also have an increasingly broad and diverse team of in-house filmmakers who cover all the genres and needs that a production may need: narrative, emotional, humorous stories, conceptual and visual pieces, beauty, food, destinations… a heterogeneous and talented team, capable of shooting everything and shooting it well.   

Postproduction · Let the magic begin!

It is as important the shooting of an advert as how to finish it. Our services cover the entire range of post-production. We have an offline room and an online room.

The dream continues to grow, also the company.

Our origin is in Barcelona, our present in Madrid, Lisbon, Paris and Panama. Currently Albiñana consists of 4 divisions that work together and complete each of the projects in which we are involved with our clients. Whatever need they have and wherever they are.